After a nuclear power plant exploded in Ever Snow in England in 2010, the UK's current Queen quickly changed the name of the area to Etheos and closed off the town to everyone but those who already lived there.
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Year - 2015 // Season - Spring

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 GARSIDE, clarence

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( C L A R E N C E )
( C L A R E N C E )

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PostSubject: GARSIDE, clarence   Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:36 pm


Nickname: Clare, Clarry, Clar
Age: Fourteen years and some months
Gender: Male, though he is often confused for a girl
Birth Day: October 31st
Sexuality: Pansexual
Occupation: student - Etheos Academy
Power: Animation - Animation, or Thought Projection, is the power to bring inanimate objects to life or to free a person from petrification.

Personality; Clarence is your average cross-dressing shota... OK, there's nothing average about that. Anyways, he loves to cross-dress, but that is only because his sister would always dress him up in her dresses and such, thus making him very comfortable in girl's clothing. Clare is patient, kind, caring, and everything else you would normally find in a girl. So, basically, he's a girl... Anyways, just like the girls he grew up with, he is very violent when angered. If you do try to make him upset, please make sure that there isn't anything within his reach. Oh, seeing how Clarence is actually very shy, it takes forever for him to open up to, well, anyone. This makes it very hard for him to fall in love with anyone; however, if he ever does, he would be very clingy...
History: Clarence was born and raised in Ever Snow, along with his twin sister, [name to be decided x3]. They lived a simple life. Clarence was dressed up in all of his twin's clothing, and their parents even began to think that Clarence was, in fact, a girl. Then again, he would always make sure to correct them when referring to him as a 'she'. He wasn't too thrilled when the new power plant was being built. He would always try to find some way to stop their building process, but he was never able to get anywhere. His shy personality kept getting in the way. His and his sister's parents worked in the plant once it was finished. The pay was better than any of the other jobs, so his parents were soon able to buy a mansion for them to live in. When the nuclear power plant exploded, their parents were lost forever. Clarence went into a little depression that lasted only a month. They were now orphans. Thankfully, the city never sent them off to the orphanage, not that they had one. He soon started noticing that he could easily make random objects around his home come to life. He was able to make a broom sweep for him, his pencil do his homework for him, and even make the dishes clean themselves in the sink! Oh, he loved his new-found power. He and his sister still live in the mansion their parents bought, using the large amount of money their parents kept hidden in a large safe to pay the bills and such.


Prudence "Prue" Garside
Five Years Seven Months
White Bengal Tiger
Prudence was bought from a zoo that Clarence and his sister went to only a few months before the explosion while she was a cub. She's very laid back when around Clarence and his sister, though she's very protective of them. She is actually very well trained (Clarence is good at training large animals), and she will do just about anything her 'master' commands her to do.
Other: Len Kagamine from VOCALOID face claim! :'D
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GARSIDE, clarence
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