After a nuclear power plant exploded in Ever Snow in England in 2010, the UK's current Queen quickly changed the name of the area to Etheos and closed off the town to everyone but those who already lived there.
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Year - 2015 // Season - Spring

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 The Main Plot

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PostSubject: The Main Plot   Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:18 pm

The town of Ever Snow was always a thriving city. In fact, it was almost as large and popular as London! The population of the city was always expanding, whether it be from births, people moving in, or just from people in general. Everything was going so well. That was, until the Queen allowed the plant to be built. Queen Ross wasn't the best queen England has ever seen. She was always quick to say yes to any question, just to keep everyone out of her hair. Though, her saying yes to the building project wasn't the best choice she's ever made. Two years passed, and the Nuclear Power Plant was finished. The plant gave many people who were new to Ever Snow a job, and everyone was happy.

Three years later, disaster struck. One of the new workers at the plant accidentally dropped their cell phone into the radio active liquid, thus making the liquid bubble. A few minutes later, the whole plant exploded, sending Nuclear waste flying everywhere. The city of Ever Snow was in chaos as the liquid made buildings, trees, roads, and anything else it touched dissolve. Queen Ross instantly sent everyone of her men to the once-peaceful city to build a wall around it. A few months passed, and the wall was completed. She forced everyone, even the builders, to stay forever inside Ever Snow. She changed their name to Etheos and made sure to wipe the city off the map of England.

Five years have passed since then. The people of Etheos have finally started to rebuild what they could. They've learnt to live with the fear of being destroyed by what is left of the waste. However, what they didn't expect was the outcome of the explosion. They slowly started to gain powers, each one different from everyone else's. The elementary school started teaching young students how to control their powers. The new Etheos Academy began to train their students in making their powers stronger. But, what will happen if someone decides to use their new-found power for evil?
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The Main Plot
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