After a nuclear power plant exploded in Ever Snow in England in 2010, the UK's current Queen quickly changed the name of the area to Etheos and closed off the town to everyone but those who already lived there.
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Year - 2015 // Season - Spring

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 Skipping School Just For A Shirt -- Evie

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PostSubject: Skipping School Just For A Shirt -- Evie   Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:29 pm

Why was he there again? Oh right... His twin sister just had to get her shirt messy... Or, that was what happened, right? The blond shook his head, not really caring for the details. They really should still be in school, but they had skipped out once Choir was finished since getting a clean shirt was more important than the rest of the school day... Well, at least they didn't have to go through any more classes. What he really liked about skipping out on the rest of school was the he didn't have to go to his last hour class. His teacher for his last hour is a freaking pedophile. Just thinking about his teacher sent a chill up his spine. Clarence sighed, blue eyes dulled with boredom as he entered Rosewood Mall. They were only there for a shirt, but he was sure that they would forget that it was all they came for. Their shopping trips normally ended up with the feminine boy being dragged around the mall by his twin sister. "Let's get this over with..." The blond muttered to no one in particular.
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Skipping School Just For A Shirt -- Evie
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