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Year - 2015 // Season - Spring

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 Discrete Tails [HP roleplay - lb]

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PostSubject: Discrete Tails [HP roleplay - lb]   Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:30 pm

D I S C R E T E - T A I L S
[color:6d27=2F6A3D]A look into our world...[color:6d27=27230E]The year is 2020 and a new threat has become evident to the wizarding community. It is not another rise of Death eaters, or those involved in the dark arts. No, instead, the odd reality is that increasingly over the years the number of fatalities and injuries sustained from werewolves has increased to such a drastic point that it has left the community in a state of fear. Who is next? What's going on? And worst of all... that darkness is beginning to make it's way over to Hogwarts. What will the next generation make of this madness?

Discrete Tails is a new rpg created as a place meant for creative freedom. We welcome roleplayers of all sorts and do not impose word count requirements or other such restrictions that may discourage anyone from joining. Canons are not necessary though are welcome if you choose. We encourage the creation of OC's because this is a next generation rp which means anything can happen. Have fun, but most importantly„ÉĽeep safe.

Hope to see you there!
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Discrete Tails [HP roleplay - lb]
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