After a nuclear power plant exploded in Ever Snow in England in 2010, the UK's current Queen quickly changed the name of the area to Etheos and closed off the town to everyone but those who already lived there.
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Year - 2015 // Season - Spring

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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:11 am

Oh Oh Cee

  • Respect - this is a no-brainer. respect everyone, whether they annoy you or not.
  • Obey - what an admin says is law. with normal moderators you still need to listen to them, but they need to contact an admin before doing anything too... admin-like....
  • No Stealing - this is a no-brainer, also. steal something from the site, and you shall have seven days to return it. seven. days.
  • No Double-Posting - if you double post, your second post shall be ignored if in character. double-posting irritates everyone else, and it can make a thread confusing.
  • Patience - patience is key to not starting fights. if someone is taking forever to post, just wait. they should post sooner or later.
  • No SPAMming - SPAMming is stupid pointless annoying messages. if you are caught SPAMming, you shall get a warning. if you keep doing it, you shall have a temp. ban.
  • Chat Speak - this annoys me so much. please keep you posts, whether in character or out of character, litterate. do not use chat speak... ever... on the chatbox is sort of ok, but try not to make everyone confused.
  • Fraud, Porn, etc. - no porn, credit card fraud, or anything like that. i really don't know why i have to say credit card fraud, for you won't be buying anything. just don't do anything illegal.
  • Ranting - ranting for no reason is just plain immature. if you wish to rant about something (like what happened at school that day) in the chat board, then you are allowed to.
  • Ism - no racism, sexism, ageism, ext. this will get you banned.


  • Anime - this is an anime-based roleplay, meaning all of your character images must be from an anime, manga, or game. if you wish to not use an actual anime image, then use one that is drawn and appropriate.
  • Powers - the nuclear explosion caused those who live in Etheos to have powers. your character can only have one power, unless you win another power from a random contest.
  • Sues - please, please, please do not make your characters perfect. if we find that your character acts too perfect or if their biography makes them seem too perfect, then you will be asked to change it.
  • Character Count - you may have as many characters as you wish, but you must keep them active. do not make twenty characters yet only roleplay two.
  • Pets - your characters are allowed to have pets, but they must be the usual dogs, cats, birds, etc. if you wish to have something like a tiger or giraffe, you must ask for permission from me. i will only allow those who are active who ask to have one. Animals are uneffected by the nuclear waste.

In Character

  • Word Count - thankfully, we do not have a word or sentence count. all we ask of is for you too try and keep all of your posts longer than one sentence. posts with one sentence give the other character nothing to go with.
  • No Powerplay - if you powerplay, godmod, or autohit, you will be asked to change your post.
  • Post Order - try to keep your threads organized with a posting order. this means like person a posts, then person b, then person a, then person b, then person c comes in, then person a, person b, person c, etc. get the point? this keeps a thread less confusing.
  • Languages - we are in england here, so speak and respect the queen's english. if your character has learnt another language, then they are allowed to speak it every now and again. however, please put a transelation at the bottom so that others can understand.
  • Graphic Threads - if you wish for your character and another character to, you know... do that, then please fade to black before getting too far into it... please...
  • Killing - do not kill another person's character without them approving of it.
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General Rules
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